Woman, Myself

Razia Jamili was born in Iran and is 14 years old. She wants to become a writer in the future, and this is her main aspiration in life. She wanted to start focusing on her writing a long time ago, but was unable to. Now she is settled and happy in Sweden, she has started to find her way.

I am Razia Jamili from Afghanistan. Today I’m going to write about the best and most beautiful being in the world.

Woman is beautiful and delicate. When I describe her as delicate, I do not mean that she is weak, for she is in fact strong and formidable like a mountain.

Insofar as women make up half of society, life is impossible without their existence.

A woman can play the role of being both a good mother and a good father to her children.

Women have a wondrous constitution. Sometimes they are strong and full of energy like a precious stone, while at other times, they are fragile like glass that is shattered by a small incident.

A woman is never entirely predictable. Sometimes a mountain of troubles and sorrows won’t turn a hair. Yet there are times when a simple, calm and barely audible word can break them into pieces. However, you can never hear the sound of her brokenness unless you yourself are a woman who can intuit and fathom the depth of her heart.

Pride is her greatest asset, and she may sacrifice everything to preserve it. Beauty and money are worthless to a woman whereas humanity, character, and inner beauty are very important to her. Women can be likened to precious and beautiful things. She is like a vast and enormous sea that defies borders and boundaries. It drowns everything that encroaches upon it or disregards it.  She is a beautiful, delicate, colourful and fragrant flower. She is the warm, bright sun full of indispensible benefit, such that without it nothing is possible, neither plants and flowers, nor humans. Everything would cease to be without it. The existence of women is as important as this; it’s impossible to imagine a world without them. For in truth, man without wife, brother without sister, father without daughter are impossible.

In many countries, women are considered to be weak and inconsequential. I do not accept this, not because I’m a woman myself, but because no wise person would accept this mentality. However, although women are kind and soulful, sometimes and in some situations, they oppress each other. It doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in themselves or that they don’t support each other; for this is certainly not the case. Rather it may transpire that she is subject to injustices herself that she mistakenly believes to be normal and acceptable and as a result comes to view women as deserving such abuse.

However, if women stand behind one another and support each other, they can prove to the world that women are not weak, that they are not someone else’s property or wealth, and that they can’t be ignored or marginalised. This said, women represent the best of the world, for they excel all. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to close by asserting that a woman can rock the cradle with one hand and shake the world with the other.

Translation: Ladan Razeghi
Editor: Luqman Ali

Find the original writing in Farsi below.

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Image by Hannah Bondi

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