Why is everyone freaking out about guys wearing nail polish?

Sara Dozai is a third year law student who loves fashion and writing. As a writer, she considers herself a thief as everything she experiences through the senses inspires her to write stories and articles. Coffee is her drink of choice and it makes her feel good as she associates it with friend and family encounters, but also peaceful moments on her own.

Having beautiful hands immediately makes everything we interact with and touch look and feel more aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps, it is because of this that so much focus is put on not only the skin of the hands, but also on nails. If you think about it, have you ever seen an ad where the models didn’t have nicely done nails, shiny, mostly coloured and polished to perfection? Why is it then that guys shouldn’t be able to get their nails done too?

It cannot exactly be considered a revolutionary idea that guys wear nail polish, as goths have been wearing black nail polish for decades now. Furthermore, male artists have started embracing colourful nails as well. Whether it be MGK or Harry Styles, nail art is all the rage among male musicians lately, with the latter even having nail polish lines. You might think, why the outrage then? Many claim that men wearing nail polish is not masculine or right. Personally, I have to admit that I also see nail polish as something more feminine, but that in itself does not make it exclusive to women. Everyone should be allowed to wear and express themselves in the way that they see fit. 

Right or wrong is very subjective when it comes to the appearance and outward portrayal of oneself, and this is precisely why we should not meddle in the decisions of others regarding whether to wear or not wear something. Of course, this does not mean that we are not subjected to having opinions ourselves. For one, I personally don’t find it attractive when a guy wears nail polish. I simply don’t like the look and this is a preference; however, that does not mean that I would break up with someone for deciding to wear it. I would simply voice my opinion on the matter and let them decide what they want to do with their body. While I believe that some traits are inherently masculine or feminine, I do not believe that any human can possess only one set of traits. Hence, in my mind, men and women are individuals with diverse blends of masculine and feminine traits. There are guys who are more nurturing, and girls who are very career-driven. If so, why should nail polish be any different?

Perhaps one of the most interesting cases of public outrage at a male celebrity wearing nail polish is that of Italian rapper Fedez. Politicians of the conservative party in Italy as well as conservative media outlets had attacked him for having a manicure, in which his nails were coloured and covered in cool designs. The reasoning behind their doing so? They perceive it to be unmanly and a potential destruction to their ideals of society. Honestly, this reaction seems very much like an exaggeration. While I personally don’t find nail art on men attractive, that does not mean that it could be seen as an announcement of sorts pertaining to someone’s lack of manliness. People should live and let live so long as it does not hurt anyone. Hence, it is important to remember that the simple fact of one not liking something, does not alter its inherent value.

[Image sourced from Pinterest.]

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