Changing Sex on Screen

Contains mentions of sexual, racial, and homophobic violence/discrimination, and spoilers for Bridgerton, I May Destroy You, and It’s a Sin

On the Remarkable Versatility of Shame

From the onset of puberty, girls are taught to fear their sexual nature and hide their bodies as changes in their physical appearance reveal an ‘impure’ part of themselves.

The Myth of the Manly Man

Wearing whatever you want can be empowering, especially when our world in so many ways still dictates our behaviour according to a misconstrued conception of our gender.

From Pussy Galore to Plenty O’Tool: Why We Need More Female Focussed Action Films

Ellie Macmillan-Fox is doing a Master’s in Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy. She also did her undergraduate degree at King’s in History and International Relations. She has a keen interest in women’s participation in global politics, as well as environmental politics. [Featured Image: A collage of the various actors who have portrayed the character…