The Clandestine is made up of a team of committed individuals. In addition to our blog staff, which includes our editors, and our writers- Regulars Contributors and Current Events Reporters.

The deadlines below only apply to regular staff. We are always happy to receive new contributions which can be send to us on

Regular Contributors:

Regular Contributors contribute to the blog 3 times per semester (or more!). They contribute their work in any form- articles, reviews, poetry, opinion pieces etc are all accepted! Topics are flexible as well; they could write about subjects that they are passionate in, or cover the most recent happenings.

Current Event Reporters:

A Current Event Reporter is a contributor to The Clandestine, who has a certain area of interest on which they write passionate pieces; these areas include Art and Culture, Security and Conflict, EU Relations, and many more.

Deadlines are every 4 weeks amounting to roughly 4 pieces per semester.