Interested in contributing to the blog? We accept submissions ranging from articles, photographs, book reviews, videos, sketches/paintings and any other format that expresses your views.

Who can write for us?

We accept contributions from all current and former KCL students who identify with a marginalised gender.

As of now, the page has never published anything by a male. We are however, open to accepting contributions, under certain circumstances.


The Clandestine aims to break the historical tendency in which the public sphere has been made inaccessible to women and those of marginalised genders. We welcome articles that postulate ideas and arguments revolving around anything from current events to theoretical analysis. We also encourage creative analysis regarding any topic that you choose.

We will not accept articles that could be considered hate speech. This means that we will not publish any writing that targets a group, movement or individual based on race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender, class, etc.

Publishing of articles does not indicate the personal opinion of the editorial team or officers.

Keep in mind that your topic does not need to revolve primarily around women. Our aim is to create a platform in which those who identify as a marginalised gender can share their thoughts and ideas freely on any topic on which they are interested.

Pitching Process:

You can pitch an idea to the blog in a number of ways, including:

  • Send us an idea/pitch at our email:
  • Contact a member of the blog staff with a short 2-3 sentence outline of your idea for your article. That member will direct you to the appropriate member of the editing team for further instructions on a timeline for your piece.

This is not an exhaustive list, but is a good place to start if you are looking to contribute to the Clandestine.


Articles usually range from 800-1000 words, though there is technically no fixed word limit.

  • We do accept longer pieces but note that the editorial team may ask that longer pieces be made into a series consisting of 2-3 pieces on the same topic.

There is no particular structure we aim for. If your piece is an article or opinion piece, we only ask that the argument is clear and thorough throughout the work. Moreover, we encourage the submission of diverse opinions, but insist on well-backed argumentation.

If your piece is creative, you have complete creative freedom as long as you do not violate our ethos.

We also require that you submit a short 2-3 sentence author bio for us to publish with your article. Please see below if you are interested in publishing anonymously.

We encourage the submitting of a photo with a minimum size of 1200 x 628 pixels. When googling, go to tools and choose size “Large”. Pictures will then be a relevant size. If you chose to provide us with a picture, please always provide a source for your image(s) and include a written description of the image in order to ensure our blog is as accessible as possible.


Referencing can be done by either footnotes or in-text hyperlinks.

Footnotes – unfortunately the regular word footnotes do not convert into our wordpress. Therefore, we ask that you create a manual superscript of the number the source is and make a collected list of sources at the bottom using manual superscripts in front of each link or reference.

Links – If you would like to provide an in-text link, you can provide us with the link next to the relevant word/sentence for us to edit.

Submitting anonymously:

We welcome all anonymous contributions. Over the years we have had people write about their experiences with sexual assault, sexuality, kinky sex, abortion, all kinds of topics it can be dangerous to attach your name to as a young woman or non-binary person hoping to enter the workforce. While we welcome such submissions, it must be outlined that this anonymity comes with a few caveats.

It is important to note that when you send an anonymous piece to the blog there is no realistic way for us to keep it anonymous within the small editing team. This means that if you send in a piece to the blog, the editorial team of four people may know that it was you that sent this piece in. As a result of the way we edit, this is nearly impossible to avoid. If this makes you want to not contribute your voice, contact the Editor in Chief to see if there is a way they are able to ensure your complete anonymity.

However, we must point out that we are a student run publication – often an undergraduate student run publication. We are all learning how to manage these instances with you, which means it is irresponsible for us to offer a 100% guarantee of anonymity. We are not researchers or hired journalists, and most of us will not have training in how to ensure anonymity. While we will do our absolute best to ensure your anonymity as the author, please do keep this in mind when considering contributing anonymously. If it is absolutely integral no one discovers you are the subject or author of a piece, think deeply about whether or not you feel comfortable contributing to the blog. We will welcome your voice on any topic, not just topics that require anonymity.

Editing Process

Generally our editors look for spelling, grammar, formatting, flow, and strength of argument. Essentially, we are trying to make sure that you and your ideas are heard as clearly as you want them to. You will often be sent back an edited copy to double check, or asked to change a few things about your piece. If you don’t think they need to be changed, let us know and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

To make absolutely clear, your articles will not be edited on the basis of whether or not an editor agrees with your argument. At the Clandestine, we love to disagree, even if that is difficult for a group of strong minded young university students to do regularly.

Post Schedule

Articles are usually edited at the end of the month and posted at the beginning of the following month. This is to ensure that the blog staff have time to edit, and also leave time for the author to confirm that they agree with the edited version/if any changes need to be made.

Contact us:

For further guidance, questions or submissions email us at:

You can also find us on our Facebook – KCL The Clandestine.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!