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 Age, Race, Class and Sex : Women Redefining Difference

by Audre Lorde, 2. October 2020

We talked about how traditionally it’s the members of oppressed, objectified groups who are expected to bridge the gap between the actualities of our lives and the consciousness of our oppressor as if it was the responsibility of the oppressed to teach the oppressors their mistakes. We also mentioned, in accordance with Audre Lorde’s chapter how an institutionalized rejection of difference is a necessity in a profit economy that needs outsiders as surplus people. We’ve been programmed to respond to human differences (race, age, sex, sexual orientation) with fear, not with patterns for resulting across our human differences as equals. By refusing to recognize those differences, we misname the differences and fail to address the effects they have. We also built a discussion on the importance of acknowledging the built-in privilege of whiteness and of not defining women in terms of a unique experience, because oppression is not only in terms of sex. It is important to recall the importance of extracting sexism, heterosexism, elitism, classism, and ageism out of our minds.