Womxn on Intersectional Feminism

The reason for having ‘Intersectional feminism’ as the reading group name is due to the importance of  not leaving anyone behind in the battle to fight sexism. It is crucial to recall the importance to not fail to address feminism from its very different standpoints.

Pluralism matters, and it is only on intersectional debates that we can really push our minds to be truly inclusive.

The constructed and performed subjectivities that women face have real consequences, and it is important to take every single experience to account from a diverse variety of women. This is the only way, to achieve a real inclusive framework of what challenges we face in today’s society. We all have different experiences that have shaped our consciousness as individuals and through those different lenses, we can really create change. Donna Haraway once said that we had to recognise the partiality of knowledge instead of seeking to speak and represent the voice of others, and this is indeed what summarises what intersectionality means for me. The reading group shows the need of engaging not only with my own experiences as a white woman but to create an intersectional space that can shift away from my experiences to listen to every single perspective that raises concerns that will help create a more inclusive future. We have to acknowledge that all women have different experiences and identities and only through diversity we will shift away from exclusionary debates, and recall the importance of having conversations with feminists who are not cis, straight and white.